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Funder: Pact Tanzania Ongoing Project

Moyo Germ is the project brought and funded by Pact Tanzania with the aim of expanding the market for the women miners. This project connects women miners to the clients/buyers with no charges. The project accelerates the business for women miners since one of the big challenge is shortage of market.


Formalization Funder: Best Dialogue Completed Project

The project targeted at addressing the challenges of women miners on the mines. Through this project and our funder’s support, we were able to determine and understand all challenges women faced and tried to combat them as much as we could with the help of our funders.


Funder: Pact Tanzania Ongoing Project

This is another project of Pact Tanzania conducted in Tanga region. The project aims at providing education to women miners on the management of money. It emphasize women miners to form co-operative groups, savings and credit societies (SACCOS) that can help them on improving their capital and and grow their business.

Malkia Madini

Funder: No Funder Ongoing Program

This is a program to recognize the contribution and efforts of women miners considering the entire chain of mineral value addition. We will be giving this special awards called Malkia wa Madini to those women to show our gratitude for their contribution to this mining sector and Tanzania Women Miners Association in general.